Smit Textile, one year after introducing the new GS940, already appreciated on World market for its easy use and top performances, today widens the range of the master model launching also its direct drive version, the GS960.

Further to the numerous improvements of GS940 also the simplicity of the new high efficiency drive is joined to enhance



Energy saving,

Modularity for further upgrading at any time

High flexibility and excellent fabric quality, features that have alwaysdistinguished Smit Textile machines,have been further improved in the new GS960.

The edge technology allowed the seamless integration of the elementsdesigned for the weft insertion.

The interaction of Hardware and Software, weft brakes, mechatronic weft selector, mechanical (or electronic) weft cut, is enhanced with new SGS grippers, universally awarded for flexibility and reliability.

The GS960 Smart Platform architecture provide advantageous weaving machine configurations to produce highquality fabrics for any sector, widening weaver’s creativity and market access