Gs940 f

GS940 F

Top-class, exclusively patterned terry fabrics production highlights the GS940F superiority and competitive advantages.

Whether heavy velours, matched towels or bulk terry, the GS940F ensures cost-effective weaving of a wide variety of terry fabrics with outstanding performance.

The numerous improvements in mechanic and electronic groups increase the already high quality standards and ensure Flexibility, Productivity, Energy saving, Modularity for further upgrading at any time.

Dynamic Pile Control is the distinguishing Smit Textile system of pile formation by sley deferred motion, securing the most gentle treatment of warp yarns for a first-rate terry fabric.

The freely programmable pile height and pick ratio, with loose pick distance up to 22 mm, allow to create unique relief patterns and pile waveforms.

GS940F rugged structure and stiff drive mechanisms ensure high productivity and operational stability also in Jacquard arrengment.


Pile Tension Equilizer

On the new GS940F, the Dynamic Pile Control for pile formation, has been complemented by the new tension Damper and Equalizer system for the pile warp yarns, solution that grant a considerable increment of loom productivity and extreme regularity of pile height even in presence of very weak warp yarns as those obtained from regenerated fibers.

With seven different working widths, from 220 to 360 cm, Smit Textile GS940F is ideal for weaving terry towels or bulk terry, in one or several panels. Lateral and central Tuck- in units are available as alternative to independent leno devices. The GS940F excels in terms of performance, with weft insertion rate up to 1‘500 m/min. Shed motion by electronic dobby with up to 20 shaft or by Jacquard for exclusive patterning.