Smit textile, leader in design and manufacturing of dynamically controlled flexible tape rapier looms, presents the new gs940, last technical evolution of the ‘900 series, already worldwide appreciated for it easy of use and high performances. the numerous improvements in mechanic and electronic groups increase the already high quality standards and ensure flexibility, productivity, energy saving, modularity for further upgrading at any time

SMIT TEXTILE GS940, weaving the future

Highest productivity in terms of speed and efficiency, ergonomicy in style changing, flexibility with the widest range of fabrics, low rate cosumption are the answers to market demands by the new Smit Textile GS940.

Fabrics for fashion, for furnishing, for technical applications, classic fabrics with exclusive yarns and patterns, are today woven with excellent quality and high efficiency on GS940.

Thanks to Smit Textile “dinamically controlled” flexible tape rapiers system, combined with development of advanced “mechatronic” solutions enhancing the weft insertion, the results obtained with the GS940 machine offer decisive competitive advantages, not only in the most sophisticated clothing and furnishing sectors, but also in fields such as those of technical fabrics for safety applications, glass fabrics for electronics, fabrics for filters and for sportswear, in which mono and multifilament yarns are used requiring extreme regularity to pull the fibres.
GS940, the best weaving ever.