Company Profile

Worldwide leader in industrial textile weaving machines

40 Million Euros of turnover, historical and strategic company, SMIT TEXTILE is a leading brand in the global textile machinery sector.

For about 80 years the company has been a center for technological research and a business and management training. Without considering the previous decades, in 1999 and in 2004 SMIT received the international award for innovation in mechanical and textile field and only in the last ten years (from 2000 to 2010) has invested more than € 45,000,000 in technological research.

In 2010 the corporation merged the businesses of:

SMIT SpA (Schio - Vicenza)
  • mechanical research and development
  • electronic research and development (hardware and software)
  • trial room
  • high mechanical precision manufacturing
  • assembly of technical and classic fabrics weaving machines
  • sale of industrial machinery
  • service and spare parts for industrial machinery
MICRO TECH srl (Agordo - Belluno)
  • production of accessories for industrial looms
  • production of precision mechanical parts
BSB Ltd (Schio - Vicenza)
  • Logistics

absorbing such marks, their commercial networks and technical know-how, the equipment, machineries and tools, all employees and consultants, all contracts in progress, suppliers and customers portfolio.

Its weaving machines are completely "made in Europe".

The company has recently opened a trading company in Shanghai (for looms and spare parts sales, installation and commissioning of equipment and technical assistance).

The group has already set up a trading company in India, Mumbai, to be closer to the market to be able to grasp and better meet customers’ needs.

Performed for all types of applications, its weaving machines can weave both classic yarns (such as wool, cotton, silk and synthetic fabrics) and industrial fabrics such as filter and airbag fabrics, conveyor belts, fiber glass, carbon and steel fibers.

Eighty years of manufacturing tradition at the highest level, know-how, innovation and a new managerial team have made SMIT TEXTILE SPA a jewel of the Italian industry and a worldwide leader brand in its field.

In a long-term market growth, this company is pursuing expansion through synergistic diversification, using its know-how, its network of sales and service and the capacity of its plants to produce value in adjacent fields.