The Company

Established in 1938, for more than fifty years world leading manufacturer of weaving machines; a team of designers with great expertise and competency, enriched by the experience made within prestigious multi- national groups; deep know-how coming from the long-lasting and famous textile tradition of venice region, where smit textile was born. these are the cultural roots of smit textile weaving machines, renowned for the high standard levels of innovation, productivity and versatility, ensuring competitiveness among a large variety of applications, from garments fabrics - even the most sophisticated - to home textiles, terry cloths and technical fabrics.

Smit Textile. Mark of tradition and innovation.
Understanding the market and its requirements: the basis of our technology.

Smit Textile has always been centre of competence, design and research. First in the world to propose the technology of weft insertion by grippers and to start its industrial production.
Everyday Smit Textile renews its commitment to fulfil customer’s expectations with a wide range of weaving systems and with a world-wide network of technical assistance. Designers, marketing and area sales managers, manufacturing technicians are deeply involved and motivated in the development of innovative solutions.
Our plant is provided with automated production lines managed by qualified technicians, expert in process management and in production systems . Smit Textile’s own manufacturing concept is based on a modular design architecture, allowing the realisation of a diversified variety of machines suitable for the widest application range.
 In this way, both the advantages of specialisation and high production volumes are achieved.